COVID-19 Resources

Uncertain times remind us what’s important. We all want stability and happiness for our families: that’s what matters most.

At MaineSpark, we know that preparing children for success in school, helping high school graduates continue toward their dreams and making sure that adults find the right training for a good job are all tickets to a better tomorrow. Our network of organizations and programs are invested in your family’s success. MaineSpark would love to help you use this moment to connect to your future.

For Parents, Guardians and Child Care Providers of Children ages 0-6

Strong Foundations wants all Maine children to start off on the right foot. We know that things have changed during COVID-19, even for our youngest children and their families. We hope these listed resources will help.

How to help pre-K students learn at home. Educators and child care providers can visit this page from the Maine Department of Education. It offers tips and tricks for encouraging online learning, along with play dough recipes, Lego challenges and more.

How to help young children cope during COVID-19. The Maine Children’s Cabinet has resources to help you talk with your children about COVID-19 and manage anxiety during this time. There are also resources for parents of children with disabilities and special needs.

How to find financial help for your childcare business. The Maine Association for the Education of Young Children is offering child care providers information on emergency funding, child care options for families and COVID-19 protocol.

For Parents, Guardians and Teachers of School-Age Children

Future Success wants Maine’s youth to be prepared for college, trainings and career options so they are ready to launch successful adult lives. Our partners have put together resources to keep students engaged and motivated during this time of distance learning.

How to help school children learn at home. Educate Maine has put together resources and best practices for teachers, families and communities. This list offers everything from fun educational activities to daily lesson plans.

How to help kids think about future careers. Junior Achievement is providing free online resources to teachers and parents. Check out their activities and speaker videos to inspire kids to dream big.

How to get ready for college. The College Board has many resources available. Students can explore careers, prepare for the SAT and other tests, or research scholarship opportunities by using their current College Board account. For students taking Advanced Placement exams, visit the AP Testing page for updates.

How to tour a college campus from home. Students can take a virtual tour of a college campus from own rooms. The Campus Tours website lets you search for colleges by name or location and get basic facts, photos, video tours and more.

How to afford college. Worried about the impact of COVID-19 on college aid? The Finance Authority of Maine has information and resources on their resource page.

How to stay financially healthy. iGrad has a guide called Coronavirus and Your Financial Health. It has answers and advice for staying financially well during the pandemic.

How to help students prepare for college and career. Destination Occupation is for those educators that work with youth on career education and exploration. Their videos allow students to visit and learn about companies and careers at great places in Maine.

 The Multi Tier System of Support Resource Guide for Maine Families was written to provide assistance to individuals, families, and schools in identifying needed resources and supports for their social and emotional well-being.

For Adult Learners

Adult Promise wants adult learners to feel supported. Whether they want to finish a degree, start a new program, change careers or learn a new trade or skill, we can point them in the right direction. We understand how goals may be shifting during this crisis. Now is a great time to start planning for education and training that provide options.

How to explore new careers and learn to budget well. New Ventures Maine offers free classes and one-on-one coaching for people looking to find good jobs, start or return to college, launch small businesses, manage their money and build their assets. Online classes are currently available at this link.

How to train remotely right now for a new job. The Maine Community College System is providing more opportunities for flexible online and remote job training programs that fill COVID-19 related workforce needs. This link shows the many courses available to get you into a new career.

How to find information on Maine’s community colleges. The community college system in Maine has answers to frequently asked questions on this site to help you plan ahead.

How to find University of Maine resources. This list of resources includes specific campuses as well as general information on topics including food assistance, filing for unemployment, getting access to WiFi, student loans, and child care.

How to get help with finances. The Finance Authority of Maine’s COVID-19 resource page for students has information on repaying student loans, aid for college students, and other situations.

How to get help if you’re recently unemployed. There is pandemic-related information for people who need to file for unemployment on the state’s Department of Labor website, linked here.

For Professionals Starting New Careers in Maine

New Opportunities wants to support all Mainers through this time of employment uncertainty. As soon as this current crisis has passed, we will get back to encouraging professionals to move to or begin their careers in Maine.

How to find a job right now. The job board on the Live and Work in Maine website offers current job postings for skilled workers in all fields.

How to apply for unemployment. Find out everything you need to know on this page from the the Maine Department of Labor.