<h1>What is MaineSpark?</h1>

MaineSpark is a 10-year commitment from Maine’s most influential education and business leaders to work together to ensure that Maine’s workforce is productive and competitive. MaineSpark organizations connect people with the education, training, jobs, programs and resources needed to thrive in Maine’s robust and changing economy. MaineSpark is powered by a coalition of organizations—schools and universities, nonprofits and foundations, government agencies and businesses—with a common goal: by 2025, 60% of Mainers will hold education and workforce credentials that position Maine and its families for success.

<h1>Who is MaineSpark for?</h1>

MaineSpark links people in every stage of life, from every economic and educational background, and from every corner of the state and beyond who are pursuing their goals in this great state with member organizations that provide support and services. Whether you are preparing a child for a bright future, getting ready to start work toward or complete a degree or credential, looking to switch careers, or considering a move to Maine, MaineSpark can connect you to a network of beneficial resources.

<h1>Why is MaineSpark important?</h1>

Maine has jobs—excellent jobs in growing industries. And Maine has workers—hard workers with dreams to fulfill. By working together, MaineSpark’s team of organizations and services will best serve Mainers who are aspiring to gain access to the skills, knowledge and information needed to land the jobs they want.

<h1>Why connect with MaineSpark?</h1>

No matter where you are on your path, MaineSpark’s influential coalition of organizations and services are here to serve you. We can connect you to the skills, knowledge and information needed to get the jobs—and life—you want.