The number of Maine adults, ages 25-64, completing post-secondary credentials


GOAL: 60%

Why does our workforce need more credentials?

The world is shifting: the global economy is now driven more by information than by manufacturing.  To stay competitive, America urgently needs a talented workforce skilled for the jobs available. As shown in the Lumina Foundation’s A Stronger Nation report, this need will only be met by more people earning college degrees, industry certifications and other high-quality credentials.

Currently, fewer than half of Americans ages 25-64 hold a credential beyond high school. This is true in Maine as well: only 53% of Mainers have post-secondary degrees, putting us behind the national average.

In order to keep Maine’s economy stable and healthy for all, 60% of Mainers must hold a credential beyond high school by 2025. With post-secondary degrees and certificates in hand, Maine’s workers can keep Maine’s businesses and communities strong—while also providing themselves with optimal financial and career opportunities.