College Persistence*


GOAL: 90%

*College Persistence refers to a first year student returning to any institution in the 3rd semester after initial enrollmentSource: New England Secondary Schools Commission,

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College completion opens many doors for Mainers entering the workforce and college persistence is a strong indicator of completion. Mainers with a college degree are eligible for higher paying jobs and a greater number of jobs than those who do not complete college. To meet the needs of Maine’s current workforce, most employees will need to obtain a postsecondary credential of value in addition to their high school diploma. Postsecondary credentials of value include college degrees, skilled trade credentials, and professional certificates. Educate Maine and MaineSpark set a goal that 60% of Mainers will hold a postsecondary credential of value by 2025. Students who achieve a bachelor’s degree can expect to earn about 66% more during their life than students who stop after a high school diploma. Students who fall short of a bachelor’s degree but who still earn an associate degree can expect to earn about 24% more than their high school graduate counterparts. CollegeBoard. 2009. Trends in Higher Education: Lifetime Earnings by Education Level.
JMG's College Success Program is a persistence-based, continuum of support model delivered in collaboration with Maine's public university and community college system.  Of all students enrolled in JMG's College Success Program since 2015, 71% are persisting toward a degree or credential of value.